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Why having an OCTA's Thematic Network about Research, Education and Innovation?

As mentioned in the OCTA strategic plan OCTs aspire to be fully trained, highly literate societies with improved investments in research and innovation. The OCTs have to make the best of their assets for achieving sustainable growth and providing youth with jobs. By developing into knowledge societies, OCTs can partly overcome the traditional disadvantage associated with small vulnerable economies (SVEs). Therefore, adding a working group on Research and Education as part of OCTA’s strategy to enhance OCTs competitiveness, becomes a must.

In this perspective, the main assets for the OCTs to draw on are related to research and innovation. Better use should be made of these assets especially when coming to the education and research systems. This includes the existing universities, higher education institutions (HEI), research organisations, open campuses of external universities, and participation to international scientific networks. To this end, a specific section has been devoted to depict them in their values and potentials. 

As this working space is dedicated to the Research and Education communities, it intends to provide practical as well as technical infomation all organized in several sections. You will be able to consult findings and outcomes from studies (R&E Mapping and Studies & Results), latest news from relevant actors (News and resources section), as well as targeted information for OCTs (operational sheets on EU funding opportunities, calls calendar in EU Programmes, OCT fiches profiler) and knowledge share through the Forum facility. 

Montserrat and French Polynesia chair the OCTA working group on this topic.


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